Why Visit Trinity College Dublin?

A leading Irish college located in the heart of Dublin city boasting beautiful historic architecture and state-of-the-art modern facilities makes this a must-see for any academic and educational group traveling to Ireland. Here are nine great reasons to visit Trinity College Dublin (TCD);
    1. Trinity College Dublin, while not the first, is the oldest standing college in Ireland and was founded in 1592;
    2. The library in Trinity holds one copy of every book ever published in the UK & Ireland making it an official copyright library. Due the sheer volume (over 6,000,000) of books many are stored off campus;

  1. Trinity’s campus provides on-campus accommodation for 1,960 students every year – both Samuel Beckett and Oscar Wilde resided here;
  1. Aside from the two people mentioned above, famous alumni span the globe – they include Mary Robinson (first female President of Ireland), Bram Stoker (author of Dracula), Niall Horan (singer, One Direction), Princess Kako of Akishino (a member of the Japanese Imperial Family), Ruth Negga (Ethiopian-Irish actress), Douglas Hyde (1st President of Ireland), Courtney Love (American singer, songwriter), Hozier (Irish musician), Michael O’Leary (CEO, Ryanair), E.T.S. Walton (Nobel Prize winner for splitting the atom) ….. to name but a few;
  3. The University Philosophical Society, founded in 1683, is the world’s oldest debating society and the largest society in Trinity College Dublin, with over 10,000 members;
  5. Trinity College Dublin is home to the Book of Kells – a medieval manuscript dating back to the 9th century that is richly decorated and tells the story of the four Gospels of the life of Jesus Christ. A must-see on the program of all group tours visiting Dublin;
  1. Pitchbook Universities Report 2016-2017 declared Trinity College Dublin 1st in Europe for producing entrepreneurs;
  3. With an income of €300 million and assets valued at €700 million, Trinity is a billion Euro operation;
  5. Top academics have spoken at this college such as Hugh Laurie, Whoppi Goldberg, Hilary Clinton, and Al Pacino.
If you are looking for an engaging, interesting and stimulating university experience at a world-class university for your group, then add a visit to Trinity College Dublin to the travel program. As well as educational, its historical and iconic buildings are an ideal location for meetings, events, gala dinners, and receptions. No matter what your reason for visiting this campus you can rest assured that your group will have a first-rate experience.