Abseiling – Putting the A in Team

So, you’re rewarding client or staff performance with an incredible incentive program in Ireland and you want to build camaraderie among the group through team-building to make their trip even more memorable – abseiling is perfect for this! This popular sport is great for all ages and levels and promises a unique experience that encourages your group to rely on and support each other.

This popular adventure sport is similar to rock climbing, but instead of climbing up a steep cliff or slope, you descend down it backward while using ropes, anchors, karabiners, and abseil devices that are attached to the person. Backward is the most stable position as all the controls are right in front. Using specially designed abseiling equipment, each person controls the descent speed with small hand movements creates or lessens friction through the abseiling device (belay) enabling them to move slower or faster depending on their comfort. Safety is always a priority, and each group is accompanied by experienced instructors both at the top and bottom of the cliff.

For the non-experienced people, who prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground, this abseiling experience may sound terrifying but it offers a fantastic mental and physical challenge, making it an extremely popular choice with groups visiting Ireland. Your group will truly leave all the stresses and strains of their daily hectic work life behind and enjoy the beautiful backdrop of Ireland’s green rolling landscapes.

Outdoor and nature-based group activities, like abseiling, are an important part of building team co-operation, communication and trust as they bring fresh challenges to, not only each individual but, to the group as a whole. Even those with abseiling experience will find that different cliffs bring fresh challenges and obstacles that the group must work through together.


Abseiling is an activity that virtually anyone can do; it encourages creative thinking, solidarity, and support within your travel group making for a better group dynamic for the rest of your Irish tour. Ireland has many companies that specialise in abseiling and we will use our experience to suggest and plan the best abseiling experience, one that best suits everyone’s needs. Go on, challenge your group to put aside their fears and include abseiling in your Ireland travel program!