Cooking up a Storm

Ireland has a tasty culinary heritage, essentially defined as good home cooking without frills or pretensions. It is as much an expression of Irish culture as our music, literature, and dancing. Our farming tradition and moist climate give us access to the finest raw ingredients in the world with a variety of seasonal local produce in more demand than ever. Those thinking our nation consumes potatoes alone couldn’t be more wrong!

Ireland has grown into a hub for international companies with people living on this island from all corners of the globe and, as such, wonderful ethnic culinary delights have been introduced to Ireland causing some visitors to dismay about the international style of the food they are offered while visiting Ireland. Luckily, there are so many Irish pubs and restaurants that cook great Irish traditional dishes that these will charm every group visiting and leaving them with a refreshingly different view of Irish food.


Many Irish traditional dishes tend to originate from old nostalgic recipes that have been adapted throughout the years as more food varieties, herbs and spices became available in Ireland. Today, many professional chefs embrace the heritage of Irish food and develop old recipes with modern twists while still serving traditional and hearty food from recipes handed down over generations. Favourite Irish recipes include Irish stew, coddle, bacon and cabbage, beef & Guinness stew, fish pie, Irish breakfast fry with black and white pudding, boxty, colcannon soup, soda bread and of course being an island, seafood dishes. Potatoes still remain a basic foodstuff in Ireland and are served almost daily as part of a meal.


Ireland has long been a destination for food lovers who enjoy eating traditional Irish food with local connections. Education is key in preparing and delivering classic Irish food and this is the reason there is such demand for cookery classes throughout Ireland. Here in Ireland groups are blessed with some incredible cookery schools to learn in and who design practical hands-on schools that deliver a clever and creative approach to cooking traditional Irish meals and this approach has proven extremely popular. Irish cookery schools focus on teaching their students appealing and very do-able recipes so they can share a piece of Ireland with their friends and family when returning home and leave them with an extraordinary and everlasting memory of their time here.