Ireland’s Ancient City, Waterford

Immersing students in a culture different from their own is fundamental to a successful international experience. Ireland mixes practical academic content with relevant site visits to bring lessons to life. Rich and varied study programs enable students to acquire a knowledge and understanding of Ireland’s historical emergence and unique culture.

As Ireland’s oldest city, Waterford is steeped in scenery, culture, and history and is the perfect location for any academic group visiting Ireland. Founded by Vikings in 914 A.D., some of the walls they built for their fortification still remains today and is a highlight for visitors to the county. The Old Parish, near Ardmore, is Ireland’s oldest Christian parish and dates back to before St. Patrick’s time. Reginald’s Tower is the oldest urban medieval monument in Ireland and is one of six towers still standing in Waterford as part of the old city walls. Much of the historic architecture that is revered today was built during the 1700’s including the city hall. In Waterford, there are endless historical places to visit with Dolmens, Megalithic tombs, Cairns, Ogham Stones, standing stones and ruins throughout.


One of the most successful businesses located in Waterford is the world-renowned Waterford Crystal. Soon after being established in 1783, it catapulted Waterford onto the world stage in terms of crystal production. A visit to the Waterford Crystal factory is one of the highest-ranking visitor centres in Ireland and it’s easy to understand why when you delve into the checkered history of this iconic brand and uncover it’s struggles and triumphs to produce the most renowned crystal pieces in the world – a must for all students visiting Ireland. Other well-known international businesses that started in Waterford, include Ryanair, Jacobs biscuits and Grubb telescopes.


Known as the country of a thousand welcomes, an academic tour will see student groups gain knowledge of the broad aspects of Irish culture and the local community through interactions and meetings with friendly people that reside in Waterford. Clients booking academic group tours to Waterford will enable each member of the group to develop an understanding of the changing nature of current Irish society through participative learning.

Interestingly, Waterford has been home to some high achievers on the world stage. These include Nobel laureate Ernest Thomas Sinton Walton, the first person in history to split the atom; William Hobson, the first Governor of New Zealand; Robert Boyle, hailed as the Father of Chemistry and is most famous for Boyle’s Law; Sean Dunne, poet and author; John O’Shea, Manchester United footballer and Ireland soccer team; Moe Dunford, actor; Sean Kelly, former professional road bicycle racer; Edmund Rice, founder of the Christian Brothers; and Gilbert O’Sullivan, singer-songwriter. There are simply too many to mention here.

Studying in Waterford will provide academic groups with an appreciation for Ireland’s rich tapestry of literature, the importance of religion, its educational system, its historical past, sport, and music. It has a great deal to offer modern-day visitors eager to learn more about Ireland’s culture, society, and history through high-quality study programs, with an emphasis on interactive classes supplemented by field trips, workshops, visits to historic sites, places of interest and practical demonstrations relevant to the program.