Ireland: The Ultimate in Horse Power

Achievement is connected with action and horse riding in Ireland is the ultimate triumph for those wishing for a leisurely exploration of this emerald isle or those seeking an adventure and more of a challenge. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

One thing Ireland isn’t short of is magnificent flowing landscapes and the perfect way for every group to explore these is on horseback, being at one with nature. Ireland truly enjoys some of the best riding breaks clients could wish for their groups – all only a short canter away. Horse riding is age-neutral and therefore perfect for groups wishing to discover the peaceful and scenic surroundings of Ireland, making it ideal for short and long treks.


There are so many destinations to consider when selecting a horse riding destination – choose from historic treks over moors and around the Irish coast, some equestrian centres are situated under the shadow of Ireland’s great mountains, others have the Atlantic Ocean on their doorstep, countryside retreats are very popular as are equestrian experiences encapsulating breath-taking lakeshore scenery and golden beaches. No matter what your preference, horse riding in Ireland will encourage your group to step outside of the everyday bustle of life and unwind in beautiful Irish locations in a very unique way making their trip to Ireland memorable and rewarding.


Island status makes Ireland the most ideal place in the world for beach horse riding. Depending on your experience level these rides can vary from gentle walks to thundering gallops over hard packed and wet sands and even a venture into riding in the sea for the brave – the perfect sense of adventure! Equestrian centres in Ireland will, with very few exceptions, have all the tack and gear riders need but bringing comfortable tracksuit bottoms, rainproof clothing and a decent pair of walking shoes or runners will ensure that participants will be comfortably prepared for a day of fun.


There is no doubt about it, horse riding is great is fun but there are other benefits too. Studies have proven that being around these majestic creatures help people feel more comfortable about being around other humans because they can improve communication skills and develop empathy,  a great networking group event to break the ice and get the group to connect.