Limerick – a City for Academics

It is easy to understand why Limerick was the National City of Culture in 2014 and shortlisted for European Capital of Culture 2020 when you experience first-hand its historical buildings & towns surrounded by rolling scenic landscapes, world-renowned universities, elite sporting venues, and multiple cultural institutions for music and dance, all of which make it a magnet for educational and academic tours.

With education at its economic heart, it’s not surprising that the world-class University of Limerick is found here. It offers a range of courses and programs up to doctorate and post-doctorate levels across four faculties; Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; Education and Health Sciences; Kemmy Business School; and Science and Engineering. University Hospital Limerick is the largest clinical placement site in Ireland for medical school training and is affiliated to the University of Limerick. Notable alumni include Thomas Barr, Irish Olympian; Jean Butler of Riverdance fame; Eddie O’Sullivan, former Ireland rugby coach; Barbara Jones, Irish Ambassador to Mexico; Patrick Cassidy, composer and Oscar Nominee 2015;  Mary Lou McDonald, Irish politician, and party leader.


Limerick is a lively city that plays host to a vast array of buzzing festivals that bring everyone together. These include drama, film, water sports, literature, history, music, dance, gaming, writing, performance arts and there’s even a Festival of Kindness. There is a festival of some description taking place every month and they are well worth being a spectator for. Easily one of the best-known festivals is St. Patricks day (17th March) with Limerick hosting their own parade each year. Any group visiting Limerick will have a busy social calendar of culture and community celebrations to enjoy.


As a country famous for its warm welcomes, Limerick will not disappoint. Meeting locals is the best way to really understand and learn about a country and Fáilte Ireland, our National Tourism Development Authority, have launched a new Local Experts Program that encourages and supports locals to engage with visitors and share their local knowledge to help them get the most from their visit to Limerick and discover all the hidden gems of this wonderful county. Clients booking academic and educational tours in Ireland have peace of mind that no matter where their group explores, they will be welcome and learn from natives.


A proud record of innovation, cultural institutions and beautiful iconic buildings steeped in history entice tour groups who want to immerse themselves in the living cultural traditions of this wonderful county. There is no substitute for experiencing first-hand the spirit and variety of Limerick. No matter when you visit, you can be sure that there will be a warm welcome waiting for your group and they will have the chance to experience a local culture like no other.