Nothing Plain About Sailing in Ireland

Being an island, Ireland possesses an incredible coastline with jade green waters and a wealth of sea life, and it is this combination that makes it a fantastic country to enjoy sailing while appreciating spectacular views from the bow of a boat. No matter the weather, learning new skills while crashing through waves promises to deliver the utmost exhilarating experience for any group visiting Ireland.

Sailing is indigenous to Ireland as many of our smaller islands relied on this method of transport for food, clothing, and fuel from the mainland. Natural harbours and sheltered inlets exist throughout the country. The consistent winds along Ireland’s west coast deliver idyllic sailing conditions and as such, is home to numerous sailing competitions including Volvo Round Ireland Yacht Race with nearly 100 entrants globally.


Regardless of age and ability, sailing is all-inclusive and all hands are required on deck throughout the experience. This group activity will delight competitive adventurers as much as the chilled-out souls in the group and is the perfect team building corporate program, as everyone will find that they are all in the same boat once the lessons begin and pull together as a team. After all, nobody wants to be the one that rocks the boat!


Sailing schools are scattered around Ireland and deliver access to a variety of boats all of which provide qualified Irish sailing instructors and experienced sailors to assist and encourage any new sailors in the group to learn the ropes. Every training centre is run to extremely high standards and use appropriate well-maintained equipment and have adequate safety support so you know you’re in good hands.


Sailing in Ireland is a fabulously rewarding experience, regardless if it’s your first time, and is ideal to promote and foster teamwork within a group. Including sailing to your Irish travel program provides the ideal way to get your group afloat for the first time, or to build on their existing skills. Irish sail companies are carefully selected to ensure that they provide you with all of the skills and confidence needed to get your group out on the water and get the most out of their sailing experience in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. Go on, push the boat out and add a sailing experience in Ireland to your program!