Ireland – the Only Destination for Academics

Often referred to as the land of saints and scholars, I can’t think of anywhere better to bring an academic and alumni group than Ireland. Ranking among the highest percentages of third-level graduates in Europe means that everywhere you visit in Ireland, you will find a genuine and unshakable love of learning.

A visit to Ireland offers every academic group an exclusive opportunity to discover its history and culture first hand. Ireland offers a very safe and welcoming travel experience to all those lucky enough to visit. Soaked in historical surroundings, Ireland is home to cathedrals, medieval ruins, castles, abbeys, monasteries, archaeological sites, gaols – there are just too many opportunities to list!

Historical sites are not all that Ireland offers, every group should submerge themselves in traditional Irish culture. Distinct culinary delights, unique music, a rich literary past, sports and of course, Irish dancing are just some gems that Ireland has to offer groups. Learn to play the bodhran (pronounced bow-ron), visit famous sporting grounds like Croke Park and the Aviva stadium, tour the newly refurbished National Galley of Ireland or try your hand at pouring the perfect pint of Guinness. Whatever your groups interests are, Ireland has it.

Did you know that in 2017 Ireland ranked in sixth place in the world competitiveness rankings? This explains why the biggest companies in the world have chosen this island as a key hub for their business. These companies include KPMG, Google, Boston Scientific, Amazon, Citibank, Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, Smurfit Kappa, Pfizer and many more. You won’t just be visiting a country, but rather a major European business centre.

With so much diversity and a strong unique culture, Ireland guarantees to enrich the minds of every academic and alumni group by delivering an authentic and rewarding travel experience like no other.